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Stinkybear Software - Wordsearch Generator

Make your own wordsearch

The Stinkybear Wordsearch generator / Wordsearch creator software has been designed to offer the user a multitude of options in the creation of custom wordsearches using either the word mode, question mode or snake mode. It is a great teaching resource for education. It enables the user to:

- Create a wordsearch up to 50 X 50 letters, Stinky bear offers many options.

- Make unlimited teaching resources, great for starter activities and teaching English.

- Add unlimited words to the wordsearch puzzle (as long as they fit, stinky bear doesn't mind).

- Add unlimited Questions to the wordsearch puzzle (as long as they fit).

- Simply make your own wordsearch.

- Make snake wordsearch puzzles from quotes, lyrics or sentences, it's easy its your puzzle, great for teachers and education.

- Generate wordsearches where the answer to custom question are put into the wordsearch.

- License allows free usage in schools, fun while you learn, and great for making teaching resources, or starter activities.

- Utilize custom word lists or question lists, which can be added/removed/edited for future usage, these are all available from within the wordsearch creator.

- Check completed wordsearch for banned words. A very nifty feature of stinky bear's superb wordsearch maker.

- Design a wordsearch that use uppercase or lowercase letters, you choose you're the wordsearch maker.

- Create word, question, or number wordsearch puzzles in just a few clicks, the easy to use designer makes even a complicated wordsearch puzzle quick to author.

- Select your chosen word length easily. Its up to you with the wordsearch maker.

- Fully approved by a qualified English teacher. Webstats show many download to schools and education establishments.

- Print a completed wordsearch in just 4 click. Word list, question list, and solution using the quick print option.

- Copy and paste a wordsearch into your favorite word processor for further formatting, another great feature of the Stinkybear wordsearch creator.

- Export to MS Word, this feature copies the wordsearch, word list, question list, and solution into Word with once click, the puzzle is complete. Another nice feature of the wordsearch Generator.

- Choose whether to allow backward words in creation of your wordsearch puzzles.

- Choose whether to use diagonal words in the wordsearch puzzle maker.

- Help your children by making English lessons fun.

- Simply make your own word search.

- Sort your word list alphabetically if you like, the options are all available in Stinkybears Wordsearch Generator.

- Use either any version of Windows they are all compatible with stinky bear's Wordsearch generator.

- Setup and download is made easy, you can be using the wordsearch creator in minutes, and its free.

- Obtain free upgrades to the wordsearch creator. Available from Stinkybear Software website, so your wordsearch maker will never be out of date.

- Have fast, free, simple word search creation at your fingertips. Stinkybear makes it easy for you, the wordsearch maker.

- Benefit from the constant addition of new features. You're the word search maker, so you can suggest the ideas.

- Choose the font size, for printing and exporting to MS Word, its up to you, you are the Wordsearch creator.

- Great for use in education, or teaching English.

- It's easy to make your own wordsearches with the Wordsearch Generator.

All this is free to download and use for non commercial purposes, and what's more its being improved all the time, so keep your eyes open for free updates. This is a really useful wordsearch maker.

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